Parents Associations

Why a Parents Association?

It gives parents at local and national level an opportunity to voice their opinions and ideas on the very important subject of education for their children. To make this voice effective we must be organised, therefore it is in the interest of parents to have a strong Parents’ Association in every school.

Parents who are active in Parents’ Associations show their children that they, the Parents, are interested not only in their academic progress at school but in their development as well. Parents will know more about the school, the teachers and any extracurricular activities that are taking place.

If there are any problems such as bullying, drugs, and peer pressure etc. these can be discussed in a friendly atmosphere with other Parents and the Principal or Vice Principal who we hope will be present for some of the time at these meetings. Meetings normally take place once a term during the school year.

Why does your School need a Parents Association?

All parents/guardians should be involved by been a key part in the policy making at your School in areas such as:

Codes’ of discipline
  • Schools develop pastoral care policies covering the School Ethos (Moral and Social values)
  • The role of Management, Staff Principal and Parents
Careers Information
  • Careers information library
  • The gathering of information
  • Careers information night
  • Reviews currently taking place
  • Teachers, non-teaching staff, Pupils and Parents, to draw up a document outlining aspects of Bullying and how it will be dealt with in your school
Relationships and Sexuality Education
  • Information nights
  • Drugs awareness
  • Bullying
  • Stress Management

Guidelines for School Associations

The main functions of the ETB’s are as follows:

  • Parents need help, support and information. This is a vital area where Parent Associations can help.
  • Parents have no formal training in parenting; we pick it up as we go along.
  • It is important in setting up a Parents Association that the partnership is seen as mutually beneficial to Parents, Teachers, School and Pupils and that it is also seen as non-threatening.
  • If we want to be taken seriously as Parent Association, then we have to be professional.
  • We have to establish a high degree of trust. If there is trust and integrity between parents, teachers and school, all parties benefit.
  • Parents must be able to raise points of disagreement with the school in an organized manner or the partnership ceases to be effective.
  • To be truly representative, the association must meet often with parents and if necessary, teachers.

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